We are looking for savvy, outgoing, creative individuals with a high passion for beauty and the ambition to network for wet n wild! As a Beauty Ambassador for wet n wild, you will have exclusive access to wet n wild to test products, share products, and get products – FREE! As the spokesperson for our brand, you will also be featured on our website and throughout our wild world!

Why Join Us?
  • 1. wet n wild is a leading drugstore beauty brand and will gain you nationwide exposure!
    2. wet n wild is one of the leading authorities of color in the mass beauty market!
    3. wet n wild offers top-quality products at an affordable value for all!
    4. wet n wild has built a strong reputation over the last 30 years and has a loyal consumer base!
    5. wet n wild is hip, trendy, and fun!
    6. You already love us, now you can join us!
What does being a wet n wild Beauty Ambassador mean?
  • 1. You will help spread our message through social media, word of mouth, beauty events, and any other outlet you see fit.
    2. Gain exclusive access to all things wet n wild: product introductions, executive coupons, and mailings to try our products for free!
    3. You will be given an exclusive coupon book to share with your family and friends!
    4. You will be sent products to sample and share through demonstration and education.
    5. You will help engage family and friends to become wet n wild VIPs with their consent.
    6. You will have direct access with wet n wild for any questions, ideas, or concerns.
    7. You will be featured on our website and throughout our wet n wild community.
Examples of how to spread the word. (But you are not limited to them!)
  • 1. Blogging about our products.
    2. Vlogging (i.e. video tutorials) about our products.
    3. Holding beauty events at home with friends and family to sample wet n wild products – educating them on how to use the product.
  • 1. Sign-up today: Fill out the information on the right.
    2. A new ambassador will be chosen every month.
    3. The chosen ambassador will be contacted by a wet n wild representative prior to their formal announcement.
Existing Ambassador Guidelines:
  • 1. If you choose to blog, please send any blog posts to
    2. If you choose to make video tutorials, please send any video posts to
    3. If you choose to hold a beauty event, please coordinate with your wet n wild contact for products and demonstration tips.
    4. If you choose to hold a beauty event, please send photos to
    5. If you engage family and friends to become wet n wild VIPs, please provide us a list of confirmed and approved e-mail contacts.
    6. For all other methods, please contact your wet n wild representative first with the idea.