Oh Clumps of Mascara, you have stolen clumps of our heart! That’s why we are beyond thrilled that we can finally call you our next wet n wild Beauty Ambassador! The ever-so-talented, ever-so-sweet, ever-so-entertaining Brittany has created a haven for beauty beginners and experts alike with her quirky blog Clumps of Mascara. But don’t let the name fool you, although she does helm the largest mascara archive on the web, there is no beauty topic she doesn’t touch. And she always writes like she’s talking to a friend, which never fails to put a smile on your face. Her goal with her uber-popular, uber-inspirational blog is for all her readers to adopt the motto, “Yeah…I’m not perfect. But I am me. I am beautiful. And I rock.” You do rock Brittany, and you are an inspiration to us all!

Here’s what Brittany has to say about wet n wild:

"Known for being incredibly cheap, wet n wild has me lovin’ them all over again. I always loved their lip glosses as a teenager and the have REALLY stepped their game up since then. Those eye shadow trios of theirs are pretty epic. There are two great things about wet n wild polishes: they cost no more than $2 a pop [and] they have excellent shade selections."

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