Known as THE wet n wild blogger all over the web, Gianna embodied a wet n wild Beauty Ambassador before we ever came up with the program. She has been a loyal wet n wild user for decades, ever since she first started using makeup, and you can tell how big a fan she is through her amazing blog, Nouveau Cheap. To date, Nouveau Cheap has an amazing long list of blog posts about wet n wild products, and we can’t thank her enough. We love her, and if you don’t love her yet, you will love her now!

Here’s what Gianna has to say about wet n wild:

“As you all probably know by now, I am a HUGE, longtime fan of wet n wild Cosmetics. I fell in love with their red lipstick back in the mid-80's and it's been one big lovefest ever since. I literally can’t count how may wet n wild products I've owned over the years, and we’re talking before (decades before) I even thought about starting my blog. ”

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