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wet n wild® has partnered with Dress For Success® to help provide that initial step for disadvantaged women to gain their economic independence.
In 2011, wet n wild has committed $10,000 and 10,000 bottles of our MegaLast®
Nail Color to Dress for Success®.
Dress for Success® is a not-for-profit organization that has helped hundreds of
thousands of women around the world thrive in work and life by providing professional attire and a support network to find jobs and remain employed.
As the leading value beauty brand, wet n wild® aligns perfectly with the Dress for Success® program. Our goal as a cosmetics company is to provide prestige-quality beauty products at an affordable price. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and regardless of social standing, the quality she deserves shouldn’t be sacrificed.
wet n wild® started in 1979 with a focus in nail polish and in the 32 years since, we’ve continued to build upon the segment. It is a significant part of our business and we truly believe it plays a key role in a woman’s beauty routine. A manicure is very personal for most women. A woman’s manicure can give you insight into the type of woman she is. A properly applied French manicure can be found on a strong, smart, independent woman. Captivating, glittering nails are typically found on a woman with a buoyant personality. In a professional setting, a perfect manicure is that extra element, that “last little thing,” that shows someone who is detail-oriented, someone who takes that extra step in all aspects in her life.
Together, Dress for Success® and wet n wild® can build confidence and assurance one manicure at a time.